IVEE® stands for I.V. intravenous therapies, the ultimate drip solutions for detox, performance and beauty. IVEE® provides the best products and services on the regenerative market, dispensed in the privacy and comfort of your home with the highest standards of safety and quality by our professional medical team. We offer 3 main fields of treatment to cover the major contemporary wellness needs.


A large part (between 70 and 80%) of fluids, vitamins and anti-oxidants taken orally are not absorbed by the body and will never reach the bloodstream where they are biologically effective. Our intravenous solutions feature 100% absorption, enabling real fluid replacement and intracellular hydration. All the vitamins, anti-oxidants and active ingredients of IVEE® solutions are immediately absorbed by the body. The intravenous drip is the most advanced and effective therapy to fight dehydration, the ageing process, and to prevent a wide range of diseases caused by oxidative stress. With a minimally invasive treatment, no pain, safety and comfort you can boost your defences and enhance your regenerative potential. Care for yourself better every day.


The IVEE service is provided only by board-certified doctors and nurses, specifically trained in intravenous therapies, detox and regenerative medicine. We attend to our patients after a complete personal evaluation to give them the best tailor-made therapies on the market. Every one of us has extensive experience in health care and research. Our expertise gives IVEE service the highest standards of quality and safety. Out team is active 24/7 to take care of every need. The best antioxidant and vitamins drip finally available in Milan


IVEE® is a medical service available both in our clinic o at your home. We are able to set up a little clinic at our patient's home in order to provide our services and solutions in comfort and privacy. You can also have an IVEE in our Clinic in the heart of Milan


The benefits of IVEE® therapies are both from single administration and regular and prolonged therapies. Depending on lifestyle and objectives we set up a a personalized. We are ready to take care of our patient with our services and solutions! You can book a treatment ASAP and we will attend to you in a heartbeat, otherwise you can schedule an appointment in the next days or plan one of our therapy packs in our Clinc or at your home-hotel. Write, chat or call us and our team will give you all the information you require.